Choose wisely!

"A third of your life is spent sleeping.

We may not give our mattress the prominence it deserves, but by the end of your life you will have shared tens of thousands of hours with it. The time has come to give it the importance it deserves and to get the best rest.


We work with the most advanced technologies in the market to offer you a unique and exclusive product.


We use high quality materials with beneficial properties that work in your favor while you rest.


We offer a product that undergoes numerous controls to provide you with the best quality on the market.

The Premium Rest

Magnifique Collection

Magnifique products are built to last. All mattresses in our collection come with a 10-year warranty. Thanks to the superior quality of the materials, careful design and craftsmanship, your Magnifique mattress will retain its luxurious qualities for many years to come.

Comfort and Quality

Our Mattresses

Our range of quality mattresses are designed to provide maximum comfort and support for a good night's sleep.
Manufactured with the finest materials, each mattress is an example of the perfect combination of quality, design and functionality.


Our line of Accesories

A complete rest is not just a mattress. In Essenzia we offer you all the necessary elements to get the perfect rest you need.