Essenzia Dormire uses top quality raw materials, chosen by experts in the sector, under optimum quality control.
Our products are manufactured in Spain by mattress craftsmen, using the most advanced technology on the market in our facilities,
always aiming for the full satisfaction of our customers.


This natural material is used to make yarns and threads, which are woven and dyed to form fabrics, which are then cut and sewn into garments.
Cotton has unique properties of durability, strength and absorbency.


Wool is a natural fibre obtained from caprinae (goats and mainly sheep). It is used in the textile industry to make many products. This material is used because it keeps the body warm due to the fibre nature of the material.


Silk is a natural fibre made of proteins. The fabrics made with this fibre are also known as silk. This material is used for its softness, thermal comfort and pleasant feel.


Soybean is a species of legume family cultivated for its seeds,
with a medium oil content and high protein content. Soybean oil provides a very soft, breathable, highly durable and sustainable cell structure.


Technological raw materials

Our commitment is to offer our customers the highest quality in our products. Choosing the best synthetic raw materials and processing them in the best possible way is essential for the manufacture of mattresses that provide an optimal rest and at the same time guarantee durability and resistance. At Essenzia we comply with all current regulations for the manufacture of a high-end product, using materials with different properties, always adapting to your needs.

MemoryDry technology patented by Essenzia Dormire allows us to obtain an optimal and constant sleep thanks to the new generation of visco-elastic polyurethane developed by our research department. MemoryDry regulates our temperature during sleep, keeping it constant and constantly adapting to the vital temperature of our body. This means a dry, regular and healthy sleep.
The physio-mechanical properties obtained from visco-elastic polyurethane make it possible to generate an open molecular structure that generates a remarkable breathability and a constant exchange of moisture, breathability and a constant exchange of humidity in our mattress, thus maintaining excellent temperature levels during sleep.

Memorydry foam has the ability to maintain a regular temperature, avoiding overheating at pressure points. Other foams store the heat of our body and prevent perspiration becoming a nuisance and interrupting our rest constantly.